Terms and Conditions

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Hope Island Veterinary Surgery Open Day Event Lucky Door Prize 

Win Free Lifetime Vaccines For Your Pet

  1. Who Can Enter? Entry is open to the general public, with the exception of those who are employed or have been employed by Animal Emergency Services, Animal Emergency Australia or Hope Island Veterinary Services.
  1. How Can You Enter? Entry is only available on 25 November, in-person via scanning a QR Code at the premises of 67 Crescent Avenue, Hope Island, 4212. To enter please see staff on the day who can direct you to the QR code. This competition is a lucky draw prize and will be drawn on the day. The mechanism for drawing the prize is the wheel of names. Upon entering, you agree for your name to be added to the wheel in accordance with their Privacy Policies, in conjunction with ours.
  1. Who is Running the Competition? This competition is run by Hope Island Veterinary Surgery.
  1. Opening Date: Opening time of 11am Saturday 25 November, 2023
  1. Closing Date: Closing time of 2:00pm Saturday 25 November, 2023
  1. Costs and Expenses: Any unforeseen circumstances associated with administering the prize will be the responsibilty of the prize winner. This includes any complications due to administration of vaccines, and medical procedures arising from this.
  1. Privacy: Entrants will be treated within the standard privacy policy of Hope Island Veterinary Surgery which is available here.
  1. External Use of Image: Each entrant agrees to Hope Island Veterinary Surgery to use their image and their pets’ image on their social media channels in conjunction with the Free Lifetime Vaccines for Your Pet promotion.
  1. Drawing of Winner: The prize drawing will take place at 2pm on the 25 of November 2023.
  1. Notification of Winner: The winner will be notified on the Monday following the event (27 of November 2023) via phone call and published on social media.
  1. Prize: The Prize is an offer for lifetime vaccines for 1 pet, either cat or dog for all of the vaccines for life. Should the pet pass away, the prize will be deemed to come to a conclusion. The estimated prize pool is worth over $2,000. The prize is not redeemable for cash.
  1. Prize Requirements: The winner is responsible for transport to and from the veterinary surgery to receive their prize. 

New Client First Consultation Guarantee

Our New Client First Consultation Guarantee terms and conditions include:

  • Consult fee only reimbursed when client feels any expectation within the vet consultation itself was not met
  • Diagnostics performed must be paid in full
  • Medication dispensed must be paid in full
  • Any treatment fees, for example clip and clean of an area, must be paid in full


Veterinarian with stethoscope examining a puppy