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Pet Anaesthesia and Pain Management

We offer pet anaesthesia and pain management services to ensure your furry friend receives the highest standard of care during their time of need.

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Anaesthesia for Surgical and Diagnostic Procedures

We understand that the thought of your pet undergoing surgery can be daunting. We use the latest anaesthetic protocols tailored specifically to your pet’s individual needs, health status, and the type of procedure being performed. Our state-of-the-art monitoring equipment ensures the safest possible experience. This helps us to track the vital signs throughout the procedure.

Advanced Pain Management

Pain management is at the core of our practice. We believe that recognising and alleviating pain in animals is essential to their recovery and overall well-being. Our approach to pain management is comprehensive and multimodal. So, we are combining traditional and innovative methods to create a custom pain management plan that suits your pet’s specific condition and needs.

Postoperative Care

After any procedure, our team provides attentive postoperative care to ensure your pet’s comfort and recovery. We offer guidance on how to care for your pet at home, including pain management, wound care, and any necessary rehabilitation exercises.

Emergency Anaesthesia and Pain Management

Our facility is equipped to handle emergency situations that require immediate anaesthesia or pain management intervention. This means, that tor experienced veterinarians are on call to provide urgent care with compassion and efficiency, minimising discomfort and stress for your pet in critical times.

Frequently asked questions

Can I schedule a tour of your facility to meet the staff and see where my pet will be treated?

We welcome potential clients to tour our facility and meet our staff by appointment. This can help you feel more comfortable about where and how your pet will be treated.

Do you offer emergency anesthesia and pain management services, and what should pet owners do for after-hours emergencies?

Our clinic provides emergency anaesthesia and pain management services during our operating hours. For after-hours emergencies, we recommend contacting Animal Emergency Service in Carrara.

Do you offer testimonials from satisfied pet owners, and how can I access them? How can I learn more about your services?

We’re proud of the care we provide and are happy to share testimonials from satisfied pet owners. These are available upon request or may be featured on our website or social media channels.

For answers tailored to your specific situation or to discuss your pet’s needs in detail, please contact Hope Island Vet Surgery directly.

How do we make sure anesthesia is safe for pets during procedures at your clinic?

The best anaesthetic protocol is determined based on a thorough pre-operative evaluation, which includes reviewing your pet’s medical history, conducting a physical examination, and performing necessary blood tests. The risks of anaesthesia are minimised through careful planning and continuous monitoring during the procedure.

How do we manage pain in pets, and what are the side effects?

We use a combination of techniques for pain management, including pharmaceuticals (like NSAIDs and opioids), local anaesthetics, and adjunctive therapies such as acupuncture and physical therapy. Side effects depend on the specific method used but are generally minimal and managed as part of your pet’s care plan.

How do you determine the costs of procedures, and do you offer guidance on insurance coverage?

Costs vary depending on the procedure and the level of care required. We provide detailed estimates upfront and encourage pet owners to discuss these costs with their insurance provider to understand coverage options.

How does scheduling for procedures work, and what should pet owners do for urgent needs?

Procedure scheduling varies by the type of service needed and current clinic availability. We strive to accommodate urgent needs as quickly as possible and recommend calling our clinic directly to discuss timing.

What follow-up care is provided after a procedure, and how are follow-up appointments scheduled?

Follow-up appointments are typically scheduled to monitor your pet’s recovery and adjust any pain management protocols as necessary. The timing of these appointments will depend on the procedure and your pet’s individual needs.

What pre- and post-procedure care instructions are provided for pets undergoing surgery?

Prior to a procedure, we might recommend fasting your pet for a certain period and may provide specific instructions based on the procedure. Postoperative care includes pain management, wound care, and activity restriction, with detailed guidance given for home care.

What procedures at your clinic require anesthesia?

Our clinic offers a wide range of surgical and diagnostic procedures that require anaesthesia, including spays and neuters, dental cleanings, mass removals, orthopedic surgeries, and various diagnostic imaging procedures like MRIs and CT scans.

What qualifications and experience do your veterinarians and staff have in anesthesia and pain management?

Our veterinarians are highly trained in anaesthesia and pain management, participating in ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest techniques and recommendations. Our staff also includes certified veterinary technicians who specialise in anaesthetic monitoring.


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Why Choose Us for Pet Anaesthesia and Pain Management?


Our veterinarians are skilled in the latest anaesthetic techniques and pain management strategies, ensuring your pet receives the best possible care.


We treat your pets as if they were our own, with gentleness and understanding throughout their treatment and recovery process.


We believe in keeping you informed every step of the way, ensuring you understand your pet’s treatment plan and are comfortable with the care they are receiving.


Your pet’s safety is our foremost concern. We adhere to the highest standards of practice in all anaesthesia and pain management procedures.

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