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Wildlife and Strays Care Services

At Hope Island Vet Surgery, we look after all animals in need, including wildlife and strays. Our team is committed to offering medical attention to sick or injured wildlife and stray animals, ensuring they receive the best possible chance at recovery and rehabilitation.

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Our Services for Wildlife and Strays

We offer a range of services to help wildlife and strays, including: 

  • Emergency Medical Care: Immediate assessment and stabilisation of injuries or illnesses. 
  • Rehabilitation Referrals: Coordination with local wildlife rehabilitators to ensure ongoing care and eventual release back into the wild, when possible. 
  • Stray Animal Care: Medical treatment for stray pets, alongside efforts to identify owners or find them new homes. 
  • Community Education: Providing advice and information to the public on how to help injured or sick wildlife and strays they may encounter. 

Our team is trained to handle various species with the care and respect they deserve, ensuring that every effort is made to aid in their recovery. 

After-Hours Wildlife Emergencies

We recognise that wildlife emergencies can happen at any time, day or night. If you find a sick or injured wild animal after our regular hours, please contact Animal Emergency Service Carrara for immediate assistance. They are equipped and ready to provide the necessary care for wildlife emergencies outside of our operating hours. 

Animal Emergency Service Carrara Contact Information: 

By working closely with Animal Emergency Service Carrara, we ensure that help is always available for wildlife in need, regardless of the time. 

Found a Stray Animal? 

If you come across a stray animal, Hope Island Vet Surgery is here to help. We can provide medical care and assist in checking for microchips to potentially reunite them with their owners. If an owner cannot be found, we work with local shelters and rescues to find a safe and loving home for these strays. 

How You Can Help 

  • Safety First: When approaching sick or injured wildlife or strays, always prioritise your safety. Use caution and, if in doubt, wait for professional help. 
  • Containment: If safe to do so, contain the animal in a box or carrier to prevent further injury. 
  • Call for Help: Contact us during business hours or Animal Emergency Service Carrara after hours for guidance on what to do next. 


Additional information

At Hope Island Vet Surgery, we believe in the compassionate treatment of all animals, including wildlife and strays. Our goal is to provide them with the care they need to survive and thrive, whether that means returning to their natural habitat or finding a new home. If you find an animal in need, please contact us or our after-hours partner for help.