Our Fees

Whether you’re looking for a once-off check-up for your pet, or life-long veterinary care, we are committed to providing value for money.

We’re sure you’ll love our team and your experience here at our clinic, which is why we offer a new client first consultation guarantee*: if you’re not satisfied with your first consultation experience, we’ll give you your money back.

Our consultation fee

Our consultation fee is $88.20 and includes:

  • A general health check-over by one of our qualified and experienced veterinarians
  • Our appointments aren’t on a set time limit – we take the time to listen to your concerns and give you the advice you need to make decisions about your pet’s health care
  • We’ll always take you through the options for your pet’s treatment, and take the time to explain what this means for your furry, feathered or scaly friend
  • Alongside the treatment plan, we’ll give you an accurate estimate of cost and access to a range of payment options
  • If your pet needs overnight care, we will refer them to our partner emergency hospital – Animal Emergency Service Carrara, where we will continue working closely with them for your pet’s health and wellbeing
  • Our veterinarians are also available for house visits for those older, less mobile pets, or for urgent care situations
Veterinarian with stethoscope examining a puppy

*New client first consultation guarantee

Choosing a veterinarian can be difficult, with a lot of considerations including cost, experience, bedside manner, location, and consultation availability. We’d like to help make this decision as easy as possible, so we’re offering a new client first consultation guarantee.

Under the guarantee, if you’re not happy with your very first visit as a new client to see our veterinarians, you’ll get your money back for the consultation fee. This guarantee doesn’t cover refunds for medications or other services rendered.

We’re always committed to improving our service for our clients, and we’re open to your feedback at any stage (even after the first consultation guarantee!). You can even give us feedback through our online contact form.

Veterinarian with stethoscope examining a cat

Payment Options

We have a number of payment options available, including:

  • Cash
  • Credit cards (we aren’t able to accept Diners Club)
  • VetPay
  • Zip
  • GapOnly

Pet Insurance

Unlike humans, pets aren’t covered under the Medicare subsidy program – so we strongly recommend taking out pet insurance to everyone who owns a pet.