Our Team

Meet our Hope Island Veterinary Surgery team

Let us introduce to you the team of Gold Coast vets and nurses who make up Hope Island Veterinary Surgery.

Dr Rory

Hospital Director |

Dr Rory is a very enthusiastic multi-facetted veterinarian, who enjoys both surgical and medical cases.

Dr Christine

Veterinarian |

Dr Christine, a member of the Hope Island Vet team since August 2022, graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hons) from the University of Queensland in 2015. Her dedication spans routine pet care to complex issues, with additional training in Emergency Medicine. In her free time, she’s ‘Whisky’s’ mom, enjoying hiking and the outdoors.


Veterinary Nurse |

Hi, I’m Lotti, a vet nurse with 2+ years’ hands-on experience, certified by TAFE Queensland. My skills cover animal welfare, parasite control, surgery, and anesthesia. My childhood on an acreage nurtured my love for diverse animals, from ducks to chihuahuas. I cherish outdoor adventures with Sonny and Lulu and quality time with loved ones.

Jamie Veterinary Nurse


Veterinary Nurse |

Hello, I’m Jamie, a Veterinary Nurse for 5 years with a Bachelor’s in Veterinary Biology and Certificate IV in Nursing. I’ve had hands-on equine training experience, too. At home, I’m entertained by mischievous cats and a laid-back turtle. Beyond animals, I delve into arts, crafts, and baking. Life is a mix of care, creativity, and chaos.

Eva Groomer/ Veterinary Nurse


Groomer/Veterinary Nurse |

Eva, the grooming goddess, runs the doggy salon on Mondays. She’s got you covered if your pet needs a spruce or bath. Eva loves animals and has quite a zoo at home: fish, turtles, guinea pigs, a wild cat and a bird.


Manager |

I’m Kath, manager at Hope Island, working with Dr. Rory and our vet team. We’re all about a Fear Free approach for stress-free pet visits. With 30+ years in animal health, welfare, and training, I consult for Animals Australia, ensuring rescued animals find happiness. I offer behavior management consultations and run puppy school. Proud pet parent to 2 rescue parrots, Buddy & Bruce, and soon a Jack Russell pup. Love horse riding and sunny days!


Veterinary Nurse |

Hello, I’m Becky. I began in a London hospital, specialising in amputee therapy, while volunteering at a local animal rescue. My passion for animals led me to switch from humans to animal care. With a lifelong love for pets, I’ve been a Vet Nurse for 3 years, now in the Gold Coast. I cherish my time with rescue Greyhound Novak and enjoy exploring the Gold Coast’s beauty and watching movies.