Our Team

Meet our Hope Island Veterinary Surgery team

Let us introduce to you the team of Gold Coast vets and nurses who make up Hope Island Veterinary Surgery.

Rory Finch

Hospital Director |

Dr. Rory is a very enthusiastic multi-facetted veterinarian, who enjoys both surgical and medical cases.

Christine Poole

Veterinarian |

Dr. Christine is an empathetic, compassionate and very thorough clinician who excels in internal medicine.

Sonia Veterinary Nurse


Veterinary Nurse |

Sonia’s devotion to nursing is fueled by her love for assisting in surgical procedures and monitoring anaesthetics. Her attentiveness ensures furry companions receive first-rate care during postsurgical recovery.

Jamie Veterinary Nurse


Veterinary Nurse |

Jamie is currently studying to be a veterinary technologist with interests in welfare, wildlife, and surgery. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her two cats, Skimbleshanks and Big Bargains, as well as a turtle named Merrick.

Eva Groomer/ Veterinary Nurse


Groomer/Veterinary Nurse |

Eva, the grooming goddess, runs the doggy salon on Mondays. She’s got you covered if your pet needs a spruce or bath. Eva loves animals and has quite a zoo at home: fish, turtles, guinea pigs, a wild cat and a bird.