What happens if my pet’s test results are abnormal?

If any test results are abnormal, our veterinarians will discuss the findings with you, including what they may indicate about your pet’s health, and recommend further diagnostic tests or treatment options as necessary.

Can clinical pathology detect all diseases?

While clinical pathology is a powerful diagnostic tool, it may need to be combined with other diagnostic methods, like imaging, for a comprehensive assessment. Our veterinarians will recommend the best approach for diagnosing your pet’s condition.

How long does it take to get results?

Many tests offer same-day results thanks to our in-house laboratory. For more specialised tests, it may take a few days to receive results. We’ll inform you of the expected timeline when you schedule the test.

Are clinical pathology tests safe for my pet?

Yes, clinical pathology tests are generally very safe, involving minimal risks. Blood tests and urinalysis are non-invasive, while cytology may require a fine needle aspiration which is performed with care to ensure your pet’s comfort.