Brisbane Dog Parks (the top 5)

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If you’re someone who pictures yourself sipping a latte while taking the pooch out for a walk in the best Brisbane dog parks, this blog is for you! We’ve gathered the top five dog parks in Brisbane and listed their features and amenities, so you don’t read past this blog before you leave home!

Top Brisbane dog parks

In no particular order our top Brisbane dog parks are:

Jindalee Dog Park

First up is Jindalee Dog Park, located on Mount Ommaney Drive right on the picturesque Brisbane River. With toilets, wheelchair access, and easy parking, it’s a great place to let your pup run around and get some exercise! It has plenty of open space, as well as amenities like benches and drinking fountains. It also has plenty of shade, and boasts areas where you can lay out a picnic blanket, and a playground for the kids. For those who like to take their boats out on the water and bring their pups along for a cruise – it’s not far from the Jindalee boat ramp.

To get there, take the Sinnamon Road exit off the Centenary Highway and follow Burrendah Road. Take a right onto Wongaburra Street and follow Mount Ommaney Drive to your left. On your right, you’ll see the Brisbane River and the dedicated dog park.

New Farm Dog Park

Next is New Farm Dog Park, located on Moray Street, just off Brunswick Street. This one has plenty of amenities for both you and your pup to enjoy ! There are seating areas, drinking fountains, covered tables, and BBQs. Parking is usually at a premium around New Farm, so we recommend getting there early to take advantage of easier parking. If you have a smaller dog, you’ll find they have their own separate fenced section for smaller dogs, andanother section for larger dogs. There is also plenty for humans too- with cafes galore around the area you’ll be sipping those lattes in no time.

To find it, once you’re in the heart of New Farm simply follow James Street into Lamington Street and find a park somewhere near the Powerhouse.

The Jan Powers Powerhouse Famers Markets are also a good spot on a Saturday and allow you and your pooch to stroll through and have a gander at local produce while snapping up a snack or two.

New Farm Dog Park, a Brisbane dog parkNew Farm Dog Park (photo credit: Google Images)

Riverside Fenced Dog Park

When it comes to taking your pup for a walk, the Riverside Fenced Dog Park at West End is an excellent choice. It’s located on the Brisbane River in West End, on Riverside Drive. The Park is surrounded by lush green gardens and plenty of trees for shade for both you and your dog. On the river side of the dog park, there’s easy access to the sand banks and to the river so as your pooch can cool off with a swim. It has been known some of the fence palings have wide gaps, so if you need to rely on a fence to keep your pooch in, this may not be the park for you. If you’re out on a Saturday and looking for a bite to eat, take a short stroll to the West End Farmers Markets. There you and your dog will both be welcome to stroll around and enjoy a range of treats.

To get there, take the Go Between Bridge into West End and head down Montague Road. Then take Hokings Street to Riverside Drive where you’ll find this cute little unknown gem!

Riverside Fenced Dog Park, one of Brisbane's dog parksRiverside Fenced Dog Park (photo credit: Google Images)

Anzac Park Dog Park

The Anzac Park Dog Park is easily one of the most reviewed dog parks on Google in Brisbane, located in Toowong off Wool Street. It’s certainly one of the best dog parks in Brisbane, boasting a fully fenced perimeter and loads of room for dogs to run around and play. There is easy access to drinking water, and plenty of trees to shade you and your pooch. It’s also equipped with agility equipment, a sandpit for the pups to play in, and even rubberised ground surfaces so your pooch can comfortably walk around without burning their paws.

To get there, take the Coronation Drive exit off the Inner City Bypass and head down Milton Road until you come to the roundabout. Take the Miskin Street exit, turn left onto Wool Street, and follow it around until you reach the park.

One of Brisbane's dog parks, Anzac Park Dog ParkAnzac Park Dog Park (photo credit: The Brisbane Dog Directory)

Kalinga Dog Park

Finally, Kalinga Dog Park is easily one of the best dog parks in Brisbane. It’s also one of the most reviewed dog parks on Google and is known as a great spot to play catch with your best friend. This dog-friendly park boasts toilets, adequate seating, shade, fenced-off and grassy areas, the Kedron Brook river catchment, and a playground for kids. There are also plenty of seating options, picnic tables, and BBQs for you to rest after a long day of play.

Make your way down Junction Road, turn left onto the aptly named Park Avenue, and follow the road down to the Kalinga Dog Park.

Kalinga Dog ParkKalinga Dog Park (photo credit: Google Images)

With so many dog-friendly parks in Brisbane, it’s easy to see why this city is a great place for pet owners to explore. From plenty of open spaces, amenities, and facilities available – you won’t regret bringing your pup out for a day in the city! So, grab those leashes and hit the road – your best furry friend will thank you for it!

Essentials to take to Brisbane dog parks

Before you hit the road for a day at the dog park, remember these essentials:

  • Fresh drinking water in case the park you choose doesn’t have a dog fountain
  • Pet sunscreen, especially if it’s a hot day as our pooches can burn just as easily as us
  • Doggy poo bags, to keep the park clean and tidy
  • Always check the signs, even if you have visited in the past, in case rules around on/off leashing have changed

But the most important essential of all – have fun!


If your pet is ill or injured, contact your local vet or your closest Brisbane emergency vet in Jindalee or Underwood immediately.


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